My home design


The ‘MY HOME DESIGN’ app makes it easy for you to design spaces in your home where you want to make changes. You only need to provide a normal or a panoramic photo.


For most people, designing their home is a real challenge. They don’t know how to integrate all the features of home design, like furniture, color, and size, and they’re finding it difficult to envision the end-result.


Simply take a picture of the space where you want to make changes. Using ‘MY HOME DESIGN’ app you can move or delete your existing furniture, and replace a piece of furniture with a new one from the variety of options in the app. This will enable you to easily simulate the changes you want in this space of your home.

User Reserch

In a study I’ve done, I interviewed people who design their own home.
I found that most people find it difficult to envision the result of the home-design,
and they don’t know how the new furniture will fit into their home.
I’ve also studied other mobile apps:
Home styler, Houzz, Home by me, Hashatiah Haadom


Find it difficult to know
how the new item from the store
will fit into their home.


Think that visualization could help
them see how the furniture they consider buying will fit into
the home space.


Buy home furniture and
accessories in online stores.


Tali Berman
35 years old | Haifa, Israel
Tali is an account manager at a start-up company. She lives with her husband in Haifa and very soon they will move to Binyamina.
pain points:
Tali doesn’t know how the final design of her house will look, and how it will fit with her furniture.
Using MY HOME DESIGN app, Tali photographs the home space she wants to design, and combines her furniture with the furniture from the app store.
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Design your room
Take a regular or panoramic photo of your home space.
If you are not at home, you can try to design our demo room.
Choose a category and then choose a product from the menu.
It allows you to replace your existing furniture with a new one, from a variety of options in the app, and see the simulation in the space of your home.
Product & Filter
In the ‘Filters’ interface, easily select features you’d like to the app to visualize.
Simulation & shopping cart
Now you’re seeing the simulation of the furniture you’ve selected and can add the product to the shopping cart.
My room designs & my home products
On your profile page you’ll find the rooms you’ve designed.
You’ll also find the photos that you’ve taken of you home-spaces, in which you can easily combine the new furniture from the store.